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“Brains on Trial” series with Alan Alda.

The Teenage Brain in the Media!

In October 2011 National Geographic published an article about teenage brain development titled “Beautiful Brains” by David Dobbs. In it LNCD director Dr. Beatriz Luna, among other scientists, speaks about our research and what we know about the adolescent brain. We’re excited to be featured in such an esteemed magazine – please check it out below!

Beautiful Brains
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NatGeo_9.2011 cover

Neurons to Neighborhoods Focuses on the Teen Brain
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Kidults: Does delaying responsibility affect our brains?
Bambury, B (Feb 21, 2015) Day 6 with Brent Bambury, CBC Radio.

We’re kidults in our 20s
Radowitz, JV (Feb 15, 2015) Press Association.

Adulthood begins at 25, says new research
Tufft, B (Feb 15, 2015) The Independent.

Don’t blame the teenage brain for risk-taking
Byko, L (Feb 15, 2015) Pitt prof’s research questions traditional thinking on matter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A Delicate Balance: Risk, Reward, and the Adolescent Brain
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Why Teens are Wired for Risk
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Probing the Brain Power of Pitt
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Understanding Voluntary Behavior
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